Zaps that keep me sane

Following up on How adding a template to my calendar keeps me productive, I thought I’d share how I use a number of Zaps (on Zapier) to also keep my productive. Automation is key to how I get things done.

A couple of things:

  • I pay for Zapier.
  • I have a paid Slack account (that’s just mine).

It’s worth paying for things that produce ROI. The efficiency I gain from these Zaps (and then many things I do with that paid Slack account) more than pay for themselves. Paying for good software is a great thing!

Share Twitter Mentions in Slack

Zap link

I’m in this bad habit of checking twitter and not replying to things I should reply to. I check this channel a couple of times a week and emoji react to things I’m “done” with. (I use a similar method of managing GitHub mentions.)

dbt & LO YouTube channels to Todoist

dbt YouTube Zap link

LO YouTube Zap link

I almost always want to watch anything that comes on either of these YouTube channels, but I don’t really watch YouTube, so having these videos land in my Todoist inbox is the best way to make sure I watch them. If I don’t want to, I just mark it as done.

Saved Slack messages to Todoist

Zap Link

But Emilie, you can send Slack messages to Todoist with the Todoist Slack integration. Yes, but this is easier.

I often times need to action a Slack message- respond in depth or do something- but don’t want it to get lost to the Slackbot reminder ether (especially likely if it’s not my work Slack). These help keep it front and center.

Notify channel when new Slack channels are created

Zap Link

I use this one in Locally Optimistic to help keep a pulse on Slack channels being created by members!

Tweet new RSS feed items

Zap Link

Also for Locally Optimistic, we are a small team of admins and this helps make sure we at least get one tweet about every blog post out there.