Commit Brooklyn 2019: DataOps in a Cloud Native World at GitLab

I shared last week a bit about the wonderful panel at [GitLab Commit in Brooklyn]() that I was able to participate in.

Now that the video is live, I thought I’d take a second to share the video and a couple of highlights.

Key takeaways:

  • Data is behind Software Development when it comes to learning and implementing the best practices of DevOps. DataOps is the future.
  • Places to start: Version Control and CI/CD
  • You’re fighting years/decades/lifetimes of people working in flows they’re interested in (cough.. spreadsheets).
  • The number of tools in the data space are making it easier to implement DataOps, Meltano and dbt are just the beginning.
  • You can have an all female panel and they don’t have to talk about being a woman in tech.

We got some pretty solid coverage from The New Stack, in case you’re interested in hearing a more objective opinion.