I am increasingly struck by the idea that technical blogs are just a way of building your own technical documentation. You write about the problem you had and how you solved it, in part to helps others who might stumble upon, but even more so to help yourself if you find yourself in that predicament again.

This is my contribution.

Every Open Source Contribution Matters

It can often feel like contributing to open source is a thing exclusive to rockstar developers. I think Open Source is a place to work on the skills I want to work on. When I decided I was going to get my first contribution into Meltano earlier this year, I was looking for low-hanging fruit. In my experience, most open source projects have a label like Accepting Contributions or good first issue. [Read More]

Having role models who look like you is important

I got to speak with Swapnil of TFIR while at GitLab Contribute earlier this year, and this takeaway from our interview is spot on.

It is important to be able to look around the room and have people who look like you.

1 year at GitLab

This month, I celebrated my one year anniversary at GitLab. It’s crazy to think that last June I was stepping into this company that has been so impactful for me personally and professionally. In some ways, I am shocked that it has already been a year; in others, I feel like I just started. It has been an incredible opportunity that I’d like to think I’ve (mostly) seized. I know I still have a lot to learn, grow, and develop, but I feel like GitLab is the place I’m meant to be doing that right now. [Read More]

Committing To Documentation Can Change Your (Work) Life: The GitLab Data Team's Approach

While in San Francisco last month, I had the honor of presenting at the dbt Community meetup. My talk was titled “Committing To Documentation Can Change Your (Work) Life: The GitLab Data Team’s Approach”. The abstract: When we talk about documentation there is an inevitable groan. In this talk, Emilie Schario of GitLab will share how the team’s commitment to documentation has supported headcount 5x-ing in less than a year. [Read More]

Words of Wisdom from the Women in Analytics Conference

When I first got wind of Facebook’s Women in Analytics Conference a couple of months ago, I got really excited. I had already made plans to attend Data Council (formerly DataEngConf) in SF that week, so extending the stay made this a much more affordable marginal expense. This was the first event I’d ever heard specifically for women in data. While I’m really proud of my success in building an extensive professional network through the internet, it is certainly not a diverse network. [Read More]

The Key Difference Between Data & Data Visualization

As someone who works in data, I have always been into applying the skills I have developed at work into my personal life. When I started CrossFit back in 2016, I first started collecting my fitness data. I got to track progress as my back squat went from body weight to 1.5 times that, knowing exactly where I was each interval along the way. When an Orangetheory Fitness opened up near me, I knew had to give it a try (girl who loves boutique fitness must try new boutique fitness). [Read More]

Understanding Data in Your Life

I will be speaking at Geekend at the end of the month. My talk is titled “Understanding Data in Your Life.” The description is: Data privacy is only the newest frontier for life in the technological age. In this presentation, data analyst Emilie Schario will talk about the many ways we’re interacting with data in our day-to-day lives. Emilie will start by describing the state of online web tracking and data collection. [Read More]

Things I Learned at PyTN 2019

In this post, I will share a collection of notes and highlights of what I learned from PyTN 2019. The full conference schedule is available online. If you’re interested in seeing the full selection of talks, seeing the actual titles of the talks, or reading about the people who gave the talks, I encourage you to do that. The summary I present below is just my impression and my key takeaways from each of the sessions. [Read More]

Twelve in Nineteen.

In my career, I’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded by incredible minds who have been nothing but generous with their time and knowledge. I feel blessed (not in the Instagram) way to have a myriad of professional mentors who have shaped my understanding and mental models to technical problems. Today, I’m lucky to be surrounded by a powerful team of individual contributors who know. their. stuff. And I get to learn from them. [Read More]